1. Thanks
    Btw. I was almost at the corner... don't want to know what was the view for the people close to middle of the Devin Stand - and my tickets weren't limited view (didn't see half of b-stage)
  2. Nice covers! I will make some this friday
  3. Small request. Can you make one for U2's appearance in Ottawa on July 1st? Love your covers!
  4. I already made that one! If you download the bootleg here the cover should be there.
  5. is there any chance of some nice person out there in inter web land making a cd copy with front and back covers of the dublin show for an old timer who doesnt understand this download copy and paste world we live in . contact me at steffcummins@live.com . thx people
  6. Would anyone have any cover artwork for Dublin 22/07/17 please? Thank you WIRE

  7. How many more of them Empress Valley recordings are the supposed to be on this tour?
  8. Theres only been 2 released at the moment as far as I know wouldnt be surprised if there was more to come though.
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